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Wei Wu Recognized as IP Expert @ IP Lovers

Updated: Apr 25

Wei Wu, an Associate at Fulton Jeang PLLC, has been appointed as the inaugural "Foreign Expert" at IP Lovers. Although Wei only just earned her law degree (J.D. from Texas A&M School of Law) last year, she has quickly gained experience and proficiency in patent and trademark law working with a wide-ranging base of clients at the firm. Wei has a master’s degree in Preventive Veterinary Medicine and is currently pursuing a second master’s degree in information studies.

During her graduate studies, Wei studied and experimented with Transmissible Gastroenteritis Virus (TGEV), the swine coronavirus, and its potential implications for public health. As a result of her work, Wei published several papers that received widespread attention within the scientific community and her work became the foundation for the development of a swine coronavirus vaccine that proved invaluable to address the Covid-19 virus. Her work also led to the discovery of an antibody that was used to develop a quick and accurate diagnostic kit to detect TGEV.

Fascinated with advances in sciences and technology, Wei's career path led her to take on the challenge of qualifying to be a patent examiner at the China National Intellectual Property Administration. After serving as a patent examiner for three years, Wei wanted to work with inventors and innovators to help them formulate strategies to protect their valuable IP. This desire led her to study law in the U.S.

In addition to her work and studies, Wei somehow finds time to write and speak on IP topics. She is a columnist for IPRdaily and Intellectual Property Frontier, two of the largest intellectual property publications in China. She also makes regular appearances on IPWatchdog, the largest online intellectual property publication in the world. Wei also finds time serving as a mentor of startup incubators XLerateHealth and 100K Ideas, as a think tank expert by the China National-level Sichuan Intellectual Property Operation Center Platform.

Refer to this link for the full article at IP Lovers.

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