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Spotlight on Wei Wu - From a Small Rural Village in China to a Legal Career in Dallas

Updated: Apr 25

Wei Wu is the first of her rural village to go to college and the first to study abroad. Having grown up in a small village in China, Wei has always had an inner drive that propelled her forward and to reach for the top. Wei was first a scientist who did research on cellular immunology and virology, and then worked as a patent examiner at the China Patent Office. Now, even though Wei is only in her second year of practicing law, she has overwhelmingly wowed the seasoned lawyers at Fulton Jeang PLLC with the way she tackles all tasks that come her way, and always going above and beyond what is asked of her. Wei has set a very high bar for future prospective associates at the firm.

FJ: What influenced you in making the decision to become a lawyer? Have you always planned to pursue law as a career?

WW: While my journey toward becoming a lawyer wasn't initially part of my career plan, it was shaped by two main factors. One factor was my unwavering passion for intellectual property. When working as a Chinese patent examiner, I was perpetually captivated by cutting-edge innovations and technological advancements.

I hope to gain a deeper understanding of the pivotal role patents play in innovation development, protection, and enforcement. Another factor is my desire to see the broader world. The practice of law is akin to a window through which I gain insight into how our world operates under a set of manmade rules. My curiosity to understand the world, combined with my passion for intellectual property, propelled me into the field of law.

FJ: What brought you to Fulton Jeang? WW: I came to Fulton Jeang because I hoped to work with a team of attorneys whom I admire and respect. One-third of our life is spent with our colleagues. Choosing whom we work with is as important as choosing a life partner. Fulton Jeang has a remarkable group of attorneys. They have been remarkable mentors to me in both law and life, offering invaluable guidance and support to me. FJ: Why does Fulton Jeang’s virtual business model suit your practice and lifestyle? WW: Fulton Jeang is a fully remote firm, offering the flexibility of working from anywhere. It allows attorneys to set their own rates to suit their clients. Fulton Jeang also gives young attorneys like me an opportunity to explore different areas of law. Its business model also motivates young attorneys to quickly build their own legal expertise and client base. I enjoy the entrepreneurial aspects of being a lawyer at Fulton Jeang. FJ: What are your sweet spots for client/legal issues you love to work on? WW: I enjoy IP prosecution and litigation. I relish helping clients develop and protect their brand names through trademark registration. I also enjoy helping clients transform their innovations into commercialized products. Assisting startups and entrepreneurs in protecting their IP as they launch innovative products and services is rewarding. FJ: What can the firm do to help you reach your goals for the next year? WW: I like our firm’s efforts in marketing. We may use different marketing tools, like LinkedIn live, monthly office hours on LinkedIn, eBooks,Youtube channel, newsletters, CLEs, etc. I hope to make important contributions to our firm's marketing efforts in all kinds of media and platforms.

FJ: What do you do for fun?

WW: I enjoy engaging in a diverse range of activities that keep me physically and mentally stimulated: hiking, rock climbing, swimming, badminton, table tennis, profound conversations with friends, and learning new things. I also enjoy sitting outside with a good book in hand and having my dog Koda sitting beside me.

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