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Spotlight on Heather Kramer - Employment Lawyer Extraordinaire

Heather is our firm's go-to labor and employment law guru who should be on every business owner's speed dial. Every business that uses or contemplates hiring employees or independent contractors, should schedule a consult with Heather to help them navigate the complicated legal landscape and avoid pitfalls.

Heather Kramer headshot

FJ: What influenced you in making the decision to specialize in labor and employment law? Have you always practiced in this area?

HK: My first job after graduating from law school was working as a briefing attorney for Justice David Richards at the Second Court of Appeals in Fort Worth. It was an incredible experience and gave me exposure to many different areas of law. I realized that I was drawn to employment matters, which often involved very interesting facts. I have been practicing employment law ever since. Not only does employment law often involve interesting facts, the personal nature of the practice often allows me to form meaningful, often long-term relationships with my clients, which I really enjoy.

FJ: What brought you to Fulton Jeang?

HK: That’s easy – my partners! It’s amazing to work with such a supportive, talented group of peers. I enjoy the fact that we regularly collaborate in meeting clients’ needs by tapping into one another’s skills and experience in different practice areas. And, it’s great to be a part of a firm that is modern and flexible in its approach to the practice of law and embraces new ways of doing things when it makes sense. It generally translates not only into happy lawyers but also happier clients.

FJ: Please tell us some of your career highlights or moments in your career that helped shape you as an attorney.

HK: Perhaps surprisingly, one of my career highlights was the time I spent at Blockbuster Inc. I managed the labor and employment legal matters at a time when the company was fighting for its survival but still had thousands of employees operating stores and distribution centers across the country and globe, which resulted in some fascinating employment cases and challenging legal issues. Even though the company ultimately filed for bankruptcy and ceased operations, it was a tremendous learning experience that was very impactful to my career and one that truly helped me grow and develop as an attorney.

FJ: Why does Fulton Jeang’s virtual business model suit your practice and lifestyle?

HK: Our firm’s virtual model is key for me as a mother of three busy children, whose husband often travels for work. It allows me to assist my clients with their employment matters from the convenience of my home office while still managing day to day family activities. The flexibility to do my job from home – often outside of “normal” office hours allows me to get more done and be more present and productive on all fronts. I can better manage my legal practice while not feeling like I have to miss or sacrifice any milestones or important experiences with my family, which is very important to me.

FJ: What are your sweet spots for client/legal issues you love to work on?

HK: I gave up employment litigation long ago. My favorite aspect of my practice is counseling clients in everyday employment issues including hiring practices, performance management and terminations, leaves of absence, reductions in force, and implementing and updating various employment policies and employee handbooks to help ensure that clients are in compliance with federal and state laws.

FJ: What do you appreciate most about working at Fulton Jeang?

HK: I truly appreciate the flexible, collaborative environment that Fulton Jeang provides. I can’t imagine a more supportive law firm where I truly feel empowered to serve my clients and grow my practice in a way that will hopefully, lead to a long-term, fulfilling career.

FJ: What do you enjoy doing for fun?

HK: I love seeing live music, and my family has season tickets to the weekly concerts at the Dallas Arboretum. We also own two horses and enjoy riding around White Rock Lake and through surrounding parks. Other interests include traveling, watching movies, and reading.

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