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Wei Wu (吴蔚)


  • Huazhong Agricultural University, B.S. in Animal Science 2013

  • Huazhong Agricultural University, M.S. in Preventive Veterinary Medicine 2016

  • Texas A&M University School of Law, J.D. 2022

Practice Areas


  • Passed USPTO Patent Exam

  • Chinese Patent Agent Qualification Examination


  • Minnesota, Texas

Prior Experience

  • The China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA 国家知识产权局)


  • Chinese (Mandarin)

My Story

Wei has a strong life science background and a unique ability in understanding and interpreting complex scientific issues. Wei’s research focused on cellular immune recognition of pathogens and the mechanisms involved in stimulating immune responses. Wei published several high-impact articles on coronavirus, immunology, and virology, and she also developed several monoclonal antibodies and one diagnostic kit.


After graduation, Wei worked at the Chinese Patent Office, examining more than 230 patent applications relating to genome editing, animal genetic improvement, crossbreeding, and mechanical equipment for animal husbandry. As a patent examiner in China for three years, Wei has significant experience working with cutting-edge biomedical technology and has handled a wide range of IP requirements, including patent drafting, patent prosecution, validity opinions, infringement opinions, patent management, patent portfolio analysis, and patentability assessments. Wei was also a frequent contributor to industry publications in China.

Entering law school was Wei’s continuing adventure in pursuing her passion for intellectual property (IP). This adventure is daunting in many people’s eyes. Wei was born in a scenic rural village in Huanggang, China, and came from a family where no one advanced their education beyond elementary school. Wei was the first undergraduate student in her village and the first person to study abroad. She came to America without any connections in the country, and she was determined to pursue her dream in IP.

In law school, she served as an editor of Texas A&M Law Review, worked as a student law clerk at IP law firms, and frequently published IP articles on IPWatchdog. She also enjoyed doing pro bono work helping those in need. In her quest to become a good lawyer, she always appreciates all the encouragement and support she receives. After earning her law degree, she accepted an offer to be a guest lecturer remotely teaching International IP at a Chinese university, Guilin University of Electronic Technology.

In her spare time, Wei enjoys traveling, fostering dogs, and learning more about IP.

IP Publications

  • Wei Wu, Devil in the Details: Does ‘A’ Mean ‘One’ or ‘At least One’, IPWatchdog (June 11, 2022).

  • Wei Wu, Grammar, Commas and Courts: Know the Rules to Save Your Patent, IPWatchdog (April 25, 2022).

  • Wei Wu, Examining the Circuit Split on Preliminary Injunctions in False Advertising Post-eBay, IPWatchdog (April 13, 2022).

  • Wei Wu, Develop Your Database of Templates for Responding to Office Actions, IPWatchdog (June 25, 2020).

  • Chen L, Wu W, 2017. Understand Invention and Innovation [理解发明与创新体验]. Patent Practice and Research [专利实务与研究]. 2017 Dec; 13(4).

  • Wu W, Chen L, 2018. How to Respond to Office Actions About Insufficient Disclosure [浅谈说明书公开不充分的审查意见答复]. Employees’ Legal World [职工法律天地], 2018 Feb.

  • Wu W, Fan SJ, 2018. Evaluate Novelty of Conflicting Applications [抵触申请在新颖性评价中的判断]. Employees’ Legal World [职工法律天地], 2018 Feb.

Science Publications

  • Zhou Y†, Wu W†, Xie L, et al., 2017. Cellular RNA Helicase DDX1 Is Involved in Transmissible Gastroenteritis Virus nsp14-Induced Interferon-Beta Production. Front Immunol. 2017 August 9; 8: 940.

  • Ding Z, An K, Xie L, Wu W, et al., 2017. Transmissible gastroenteritis virus infection induces NF-κB activation through RLR-mediated signaling. Virology. Jul; 507:170-178

  • Zhang R, Fang L, Wu W et al., 2016. Porcine bocavirus NP1 protein suppresses type I IFN production by interfering with IRF3 DNA-binding activity. Virus Genes. 2016 Dec; 52(6):797-805.

  • Zhang R, Fang L, Cai K, Zeng S, Wu W, et al., 2016. Differential contributions of Porcine bocavirus NP1 protein N- and C-terminal regions to its nuclear localization and immune regulation. J Gen Virol 2016 May; 97(5):1178-88.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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